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Our specializations are in the areas of Manuals, Documents and Websites Localization in the fields such as Technical, Legal, Medical, Financial, Chemical, Advertising, Business, Marketing, Science, Engineering, Computers, Internet, Education, Patent related and Technology.

Our Translators have a profound cultural and linguistic background in the target language. Any kind of text can be filled with idioms, allusions, puns, metaphors or phrases that don't translate directly into the target language. For this reason our translators are native speakers with degree in linguistics. Our language specialists will provide you with the most professional business translation services available.

All of our translators and interpreters are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

  List of LANGUAGES:  

Mind is currently offering translation services in the following languages:

1. Arabic
2. Russian
3. Japanese
4. Traditional Chinese
5. Simplified Chinese (Mandarin)
6. Korean
7. Spanish
8. French
9. Canadian French
10. Belgium French
11. Swiss French
12. Italian
13. German
14. Switzerland German
15. Danish
16. Dutch
17. Finnish
18. Turkish
19. Flemish
20. Belgium Flemish
21. Swedish
22. Brazilian Portuguese
23. Thai
24. Norwegian
25. Mexican Spanish.

Quality through T E P I D process

Integrate or Package
  Capacities and Turnaround Time  

3,000 ~ 5000 words per day in any given language pair based on advance scheduling .

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